• It increases the organic matter and nutrient content in the soil.
• It nourishes the soil with organic carbon and other nutrients which gradually reduces the dependency of the soil on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
• It increases the fertility of soil which in turn leads to increased plant growth.
• It enhances the quality as well as yield of the crops.
• It fulfils the requirement of essential nutrients- Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) which helps in growth and development of plants and keeps it healthy and green.
• It prevents the leaching of nutrients from the soil.
• It increases the water holding capacity of the soil and prevent soil degradation.
• It acts as the immunity booster for the crops and helps in retaining moisture in the root zone which leads to rapid plant growth.


Use 12-15 Kg Vriddhijal Neem Cake fertilizer for one acre.