Vriddhi Jal is a liquid organic fertilizer which is aggregated after water is passed through activated column of organic bed consisting of earthworms. It contains plant extracts and organic matter like enzymes, amino acids, blend of macro and micro nutrients and earthworm secretions. It enhances plants growth and crop productivity and also boosts immunity of the plants.

100% Organic product certified by RSOCA

How to use

Use 3 sprays of Vriddhijal in a month at an interval of 10-15 days for all crops.
• Can be used in the form of foliar spray or in drip trenching (Mix 1 part of Vriddhijal with 5 parts of potable water).
• Use 15 liters of Vriddhijal for one acre land.
• For indoor/ornamental plants – mix 1 part of Vriddhijal with 15-20 parts of potable water twice a month.


• Used as organic foliar spray.
• Increases microbial activity in the soil that leads to enhancement in the growth of plants.
• It increases the immunity of plants that minimizes the need for application of chemicals pesticides upon the crops.
• It is an extremely effective crop growth and productivity enhancer.